Ep. 21 – Superstorm Yitzchak, Steve & Kajon, A Handful of Grapes in a Wet Paper Towel

Here ’tis, folks.  The newest IPR, featuring a fantastic lineup.  It’s a goodie.  Radioactive metal shavings, salt teeth, discount burial services, and lots of coughing.

The most wonderful cast : Kajon Cermak and Steve Chiotakis (both of KCRW in Santa Monica), Jesec Griffin, Peter Jessop, Ben Shields, Joe Smith, Kari Wahlgren, and Debra Wilson.  Music by Jordan Halpern, Vasco Debritto, and our IPR theme by Greg Benson.  It was written and directed by Joe Smith.

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Ep.20 – Tess Comes on Board, Helper Goats, New Imaginary Numbers

After a long hiatus (and a change in IPR’s podcast location to http://IrrationalPublicRadio.com/podcast), we are back with special guests ; Tess Vigeland from Marketplace Money (yup, the real-life public radio show), and Debra Wilson (of MadTV and much more).

(left; Tess Vigeland. right; Debra Wilson)


Cast : Jesec Griffin, Amy K Pearson, Salli Saffioti, Ben Shields, Joe Smith, Tess Vigeland, and Debra Wilson.  Written & directed by Joe Smith.  Music by Andy McKee, Cotton Jenny, and Anne Farnsworth,  IPR Theme Music by Greg Benson. Special Thanks to Dave Jackson/School Of Podcasting.

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Fresh Air Special # 2

Another entirely unauthorized and unendorsed secret episode of the NPR interview program Fresh Air, this time with Alice Jack Moe Halfgill; raconteur, author, musician, and ex-nun/cheerleader/chimp.

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Ep.19 – The Brunskaya del Myuldle Program, Pedialycanthropy, a Trunkful of “Maps”

The Brunskaya del Myuldle Program, Pedialycanthropy, a trunkful of “maps.” This episode was made possible by a grant from Grant’s 24-Hour “Non-Profit” Grant Dispensary.  Featuring original Saturday Night Livecast member Laraine Newman.

Laraine Newman

Cast : Loretta Fox, Matt Griesser, Jesec Griffin, Peter Jessop, Laraine Newman, Doug Shapiro, Ben Shields, and Joe Smith,   Written and Directed by Joe SmithIPR theme by Greg Benson.  Additional music by Danny Weis.

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Ep.18 – Dog Relaxants, Our Weekly “Brain Squeezer,” and a Remembrance of the Inventor of Dog Sombreros

Dog relaxants, the Brain Squeezer with Puzzlemaster Tosh W. Rillz, and a remembrance of inventor Harriet Vijou, who brought us meltable paper and the travel-sized centrifuge.

Cast : Evan Arnold, Bill Donoghue, Loretta Fox, Jesec Griffin, Peter Jessop, and Ben Shields,  Written and Directed by Joe SmithIPR theme by Greg Benson.  Additional music by 3rd Man.

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Ep.17 – Pre-Fried Beans, Pledge Week, and The Most Dangerous Place on Earth

An awkward sexual encounter. An update on the death of Evan Fryberg. Pre-fried beans. Bad investments. The award-winning* return of Zoldar (*award not verified)

Cast : Loretta Fox, Jesec Griffin, Peter Jessop, Jillian, Jackson & Justin Pearson, Julie Perkins, Patrick Shea, and Ben Shields,  Written by Joe Smith with additional material by Amy K Pearson.  Directed by Joe SmithIPR theme by Greg Benson.  Music composed by Jamie Dunphy and performed by The Mill City Trio.  End credit music by Andy McKee.

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Ep.16 – Nudity, Juggling, and Kashtremsheusen Syndrome

IPR’s 2009 Holiday podcast; nudity, juggling, and Kashtremsheusen Syndrome

Cast : Jesec Griffin, Ben Shields, Joe Smith, Dan Smith, & Lisa Tharps.

IPR theme by Greg Benson. Additional music by Autumns Eyes, and Cyber PR Holiday.

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Ep.15 – A Fine, Cantaloupe-Scented Mist

Sharp knees, irrational cruise, gardening miscommunications.  Brought to you by the Mister Martinez Center for Wayward Cats.

Cast : Jesec Griffin , Ben Shields , Joe Smith , & Lisa Tharps .  IPR theme by Greg Benson .  Additional music is “podsafe music” from Music Alley .

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Ep.14 – A New, Old Bug, a Bacon Bit Watch

Today’s headlines. Avant-garde entomology. A traffic update.

Cast : Jesec Griffin, Jackie Kashian, Ben Shields, Joe Smith, & Lisa Tharps.  IPR theme by Greg Benson. Additional music by LJ Beiderman.

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