Ep.22 – Raccoon Confetti, Jean Cochran, Nougat, Not My Problem

An EPIC new episode of IPR. 

Brought to you by The Weasel Council.  Weasel : the Other Gray Meat.

Featuring 30-year NPR veteran Jean Cochran, comedian Dan Smith,  ESPN football commentator Mark WillardMadTV cast member Debra Wilson, and veteran actor Danny Woodburn (Seinfeld, The Watchmen), and a slew of additional miscreants:

Jean Cochran
Jesec Griffin
Peter Jessop
Jeremiah Kissel
Amy K Pearson
Dan Smith
Joe Smith
Mark Willard
Debra Wilson
Danny Woodburn

Featuring the music of Clouseaux, Dan-O, DJOC, and Dave Nachmanoff, as well as our IPR theme by Greg Benson.  Written and directed by Joe Smith.

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monkeys love being moused-over

Ep.4 – Pat Benatar, Of Course

Today’s news headlines. A feature on a woman whose influences include Voltaire and The Herculoids. The local weather. And a promo for a new segment; Discovery Discovery.

Cast : Jeremiah Kissel, Celeste Oliva , Chip Phillips , Patrick Shea , Joe Smith and Richard Snee.  Music by Jamie Dunphy.  Written & directed by Joe Smith .

monkeys love being moused-over

Ep.3 – Meet the Novelist, Albino Scorpions

This episode is dedicated to an interview with Samuel Keyes; renowned novelist, friend to condors, multi-lingual lover, and one of the greatest men ever to have walked the face of the earth, including the ocean floor.

Cast : Jeremiah Kissel, Patrick Shea, and Joe Smith.  Music by Jamie Dunphy and The Mill City Trio.  Written & directed by Joe Smith.

monkeys love being moused-over

Ep.2 – A Cry of Desperation, Pastry

In this episode, we get headlines, an appeal for support, and info on the corporations and foundations that so generously support the noble work we do here at IPR.

Cast : Sheila Ferrini, Jeremiah Kissel, Celeste Oliva, Chip Phillips, & Patrick Shea, Music composed by Jamie Dunphy and performed by The Mill City Trio.  Written & directed by Joe Smith.

monkeys love being moused-over