Ep. 21 – Superstorm Yitzchak, Steve & Kajon, A Handful of Grapes in a Wet Paper Towel

Here ’tis, folks.  The newest IPR, featuring a fantastic lineup.  It’s a goodie.  Radioactive metal shavings, salt teeth, discount burial services, and lots of coughing.

The most wonderful cast : Kajon Cermak and Steve Chiotakis (both of KCRW in Santa Monica), Jesec Griffin, Peter Jessop, Ben Shields, Joe Smith, Kari Wahlgren, and Debra Wilson.  Music by Jordan Halpern, Vasco Debritto, and our IPR theme by Greg Benson.  It was written and directed by Joe Smith.

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May I Have The Aisle Seat? I Need To Be Able To Crack My Knees…; IPR’s weekly look at the movies

Cast : Greg Benson, Peter Jessop, Lordan Napoli, Amy K Pearson, Matt Price, and Joe Smith.  Music is “podsafe music” from Music Alley.  Written & directed by Joe Smith.

monkeys love being moused-over

Ep.10 – The Most Dangerous Snack

An important recall from Hazelton Foods

Cast : Joe Smith.  IPR Theme by Greg Benson.  Written & directed by Joe Smith.

monkeys love being moused-over