Ep.16 – Nudity, Juggling, and Kashtremsheusen Syndrome

IPR’s 2009 Holiday podcast; nudity, juggling, and Kashtremsheusen Syndrome

Cast : Jesec Griffin, Ben Shields, Joe Smith, Dan Smith, & Lisa Tharps.

IPR theme by Greg Benson. Additional music by Autumns Eyes, and Cyber PR Holiday.

monkeys love being moused-over

Ep.13 – Llolanda, with Two Ls

IPR’s 2008 Holiday podcast; no whispering, brittle bones, spitting seals that begin with L

Cast : Jenna Busch, Loretta Fox, Jesec Griffin, Joe Smith and Lisa Tharps.¬† IPR Theme by Greg Benson.¬†Additional music is “podsafe music” from Music Alley.¬† Written & directed by Joe Smith.

monkeys love being moused-over