Ep.20 – Tess Comes on Board, Helper Goats, New Imaginary Numbers

After a long hiatus (and a change in IPR’s podcast location to http://IrrationalPublicRadio.com/podcast), we are back with special guests ; Tess Vigeland from Marketplace Money (yup, the real-life public radio show), and Debra Wilson (of MadTV and much more).

(left; Tess Vigeland. right; Debra Wilson)


Cast : Jesec Griffin, Amy K Pearson, Salli Saffioti, Ben Shields, Joe Smith, Tess Vigeland, and Debra Wilson.  Written & directed by Joe Smith.  Music by Andy McKee, Cotton Jenny, and Anne Farnsworth,  IPR Theme Music by Greg Benson. Special Thanks to Dave Jackson/School Of Podcasting.

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One thought on “Ep.20 – Tess Comes on Board, Helper Goats, New Imaginary Numbers

  1. I love hearing from @RadioTess! I’m going to have to subscribe to the podcast so I can enjoy her new work! It’s good stuff from (hopefully) near the smogberry trees!

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